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As you can see from the strategy chart, human capital is OMPE’s most important strategic resource.

Over the years, the company has accumulated a series of unique skills which guarantee ongoing growth of the company and its critical success factors.

OMPE is aware of the priceless value of human capital. A long-lasting partnership can only be established by motivated staff who possess wide-ranging knowledge and share a common goal.


OMPE’s human capital is a unique asset based on:


The explicit and implicit knowledge of OMPE’s staff guarantees constant innovation of processes and services. People are the ultimate source in offering partners new, creative and cutting-edge solutions.


Skills and capabilities

The experience of those who work for OMPE is a unique asset which allows partners to benefit from exclusive know-how accumulated over the years.


Personal qualities

Qualities like motivation, emotional intelligence and the ability to renew oneself and transmit knowledge, motivate our staff to meet the needs of OMPE’s partners.

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