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Quality Control
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OMPE has a group of instruments designed to make geometric and dimensional checks. Quality control is a fundamental part of the production process and allows the company to:

  • give its partners geometric and dimensional conformity certificates of machined parts;

  • gain useful information in order to develop an internal constant quality control process involving continuous monitoring of workpieces.


Quality control involves a group of dedicated resources:

  • a thermal stabilized room used for dimensional inspection of workpieces with a Carl Zeiss Accura 3D measuring machine installed in 2005;

  • a room reserved for storing and controlling tools used in production.

  • a granite surface plate fitted with a Tesa altimeter for 2D measurements;

  • a state-of-art portable 3D control instrument;

  • a room equipped for storing and inspecting tools.

Carl Zeiss Acura

Acura is a Carl Zeiss 3D multi-sensor machine with a VAST TX measuring head for point-to-point measurement with continuous scanning.


Measuring range Asix X 1.600 mm
Asix Y 2.400 mm
Asix Z 1.000 mm
MPE-E* 3,2 + L/250 µm
MPE-P* 3,0 µm
MPE-THP* 4,0 µm
Temperature range* 18° - 22°
Table capacity 3.500 kg
Software Calypso rel. 4.0.08

* In accordance with ISO 10 360-2/4

Faro Gage Plus

Faro Gage Plus is a portable measuring instrument used for making 3D geometric and dimensional checks. Easily transported and assembled in a few seconds, this instrument can measure anywhere, even on the machine.


Measuring rage Axis X 1.220 mm
Axis Y 1.220 mm
Axis Z 1.220 mm
MPE-E* 5 + 8L/1.000 µm
MPE-R* 6,0 µm
Temperature rage* 10° - 40°

* In accordance with ISO 10 360-2/4

Elbo Controlli E458M tool adjustment machine

The room equipped for storing and inspecting tools also features a special machine for tool measurement and adjustment on numerical control machines with an optical viewer.


Measuring rage Axis X 250 mm (Ų 500)
Axis Y 600 mm
Axis Z 0,001 mm
Axis Z 0,001 mm

Tesa Micro Hit 2 altimeter

A granite surface plate is designed for an autonomous vertical instrument which measures coordinates and dimensions on geometric elements with flat, parallel or cylindrical surfaces. It features an aerostatic bearing for movement.


Measuring rage Axis Z 970 mm
MPE-E* 2 + 3L/1.000 µm


* In accordance with ISO 10 360-2/4

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