We needed an object which represented us at the entrance to our plants. We wanted passion, time, precision and tradition to come together in a metal instrument built to defy time.
We wanted it to be conceived, designed and built by us.
So after coming up with the idea, we designed and built the stainless steel and granite sundial which welcomes our visitors.
Machining at OMPE
30.000+ parts produced and adapted in the last 10 years
Only 11 non-compliant parts in the last 10 years
10+ years average length of customer relationships
40+ years of experience in the industry
20+ sectors served

Machining at OMPE is experienced as a daily commitment to the pursuit of excellence. The knowledge we've built up over the years, experimentation and attention to detail are elements which make the difference on a daily basis.
This allows us to offer our customers a service of absolute excellence, with almost no "non-conformities" on more than 30,000 parts processed over the last ten years.

Because of this, and much more, our customers are satisfied with our services, so much so that on average we work with them for more than ten years.
A precision partner
for your business

Our story

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Success is a matter of µm.

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