OMPE has been offering mechanical machining for over 40 years, during which time we have developed our "modus operandi". We listen to and collaborate with our customers, combining the resources and skills of our people to deliver the parts according to the required specifications and within the agreed time frame.
Our offer

Geometric precision
We seek continuity in mechanical precision and are prepared for challenging tolerances.
Flexibility and collaboration
We're responsive in providing solutions to our customers' needs.
We respect delivery deadlines, aware of their importance.
Our method

Achieving geometric excellence in machining means paying proper attention to and monitoring the many factors which affect the precision of a mechanical element. For us, offering mechanical machining means combining 40 years of experience, an aptitude for innovation, flexibility of execution, technological excellence, attention to the management of our production facilities and the full integration of production and quality control.

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Our machine park

Our machine park has been selected to combine mechanical excellence and flexibility. Below is a summary of our production cells and the possible field of work of each one.
  • Waldrich-Coburg Taurus gantry milling machine

    High-precision bridge type milling machine
    CField of work:3.000x3.200x6.000mm
    Scope:Up to 40.000 kg
  • Work cell consisting of 2 MCM Action 2200 FMS with 24 pallets

    Twin horizontal spindle machining centres
    Field of work:2.200x1.200x2.000 mm
    Scope:Up to 2.000 kg
  • Work cell consisting of an MCM Clock FMS with 20 pallets

    Horizontal spindle machining centre
    Field of work:1.200x800x800mm
    Scope:Up to 800 kg
  • a

    Bonardi CNC portal milling machine

    High-precision bridge type milling machine
    Field of work:12.700x2.500x2.000mm
    Scope:Up to 60.000 kg
Quality control

Dimensional and geometric control

OMPE has equipped itself with an extensive set of tools dedicated to the dimensional and geometric control of machining operations in order to have useful information to feed an internal process of continuous quality improvement.
OMPE has over 150 different certified measuring instruments, including:
  • a thermostabilised metrology room housing a Carl Zeiss Accura 3D measuring machine;
  • a granite countertop equipped with Tesa and Trimos altimeters for 2D measurements;
  • a next-generation portable 3D control arm;
  • a set of Wyler high-precision electronic spirit levels;
  • a set of Tesa high-precision electronic spirit levels;
  • Tar-Al 1000 (bore gauge calibration system);
  • Tar-Al 500 (bore gauge calibration system).

Certifications of conformity

Thanks to the available instrumentation, OMPE can issue the necessary geometric conformity certificates at the request of its partners.

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