40 years of history

It's difficult to summarise the history of over 40 years of OMPE in a few lines. Our story is one of daily commitment, of making choices which anticipate market trends, of caring for the environment, for people and of a constant search for quality.

There would be so much to say... but below is a list of the moments which have shaped our history the most.

40 years
of activity
and commitment
  • 1979
    Foundation and start-up of activities with the first building of 800m2
  • 1982
    Installation of the first CNC machine, because we believed it would be a revolution.
  • 1987
    Doubling of production (up to 1,600m2) and installation of the first multi-pallet machine for flexibility
  • 1995
    Installation of the first work cell with FMS and Industry 4.0, for a further leap in flexibility and productivity
  • 2004
    Thermal stabilisation of all production rooms to achieve high accuracies
  • 2005
    Installation of the metrology room with a Carl Zeiss 3D measuring machine to improve our processes
  • 2008
    Expansion of the production facilities with a roof-garden building up to 2,400m2
  • 2009
    Creation of a 102 kW photovoltaic system to reduce our emissions.
  • 2016
    Filing of an international patent
  • 2018
    Further expansion of the production facilities to 3,000m2 and installation of our Waldrich-Coburg Taurus, to have an extremely precise machine in the company.
  • 2020
    Air-conditioning and heating systems replaced to reduce CO2 emissions and be more green

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