OMPE's task is to combine skills, experience and technology to provide parts which meet our customers' needs. We offer two complementary and synergetic services
Third-party machining
We perform the required machining operations on semi-finished products supplied by our customers, guaranteeing high geometric precision in line with the dimensional and geometric specifications received.
Third-party supply chain management
We manage relationships with foundries, carpentries, painting and transport companies to supply complete parts ready for assembly.

Why choose OMPE machining
The proportion of parts which have met our customers' specifications over the last ten years.
The reduction of CO2 emissions per euro of turnover in the last year
Customer retention
The number of customers from the previous year who decided to continue working with us.
Why choose OMPE
Our machining operations are not concentrated in one specific area of application, but range across various sectors and cover all those situations where extreme precision is necessary. We believe that not revealing the solutions of the customers who entrust us with their creations is part and parcel of our work, so we've chosen not to publish complete photographs but only a few details of the workmanship.
Success is a matter of µm.

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