OMPE has an extensive set of certified tools dedicated to the dimensional and geometric control of machining operations for:
  • issue to the partner, if requested, of certifications on the geometric and dimensional conformity of the machined parts;
  • having useful information to feed an internal process of continuous quality improvement.
The main resources dedicated to quality control include:
  • a thermally stabilised room with a Carl Zeiss Accura 3D measuring machine (MPE-E: 3.2 + L(mm)/250 µm);
  • a granite countertop equipped with Tesa altimeter (MPE-E: 2 + 3L(mm)/1,000 µm) and Trimos V9 altimeter (MPE-E: 1.2 + L(mm)/1,000 µm) for 2D measurements;
  • a set of Wyler high-precision electronic spirit levels (Sensitivity: 0.001mm/m);
  • a set of Tesa high-precision electronic spirit levels (Sensitivity: 0.001mm/m);
  • a new-generation portable 3D control arm (MPE-E: 5 + 8L(mm)/1,000 µm);
  • a room reserved for setting up and checking the tools used in production cycles.

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